2019 Flyers Alumni Fantasy Camp


Now in its fifth year, the 2019 edition of the annual Flyers Alumni Fantasy Camp in Atlantic City, NJ, will take place from August 16 to 19. Sixty participants from all over North America and widely divergent levels of hockey skills and playing experience in their backgrounds – ranging from novice players to rec league weekend warriors and some attendees who’ve played extensively – will bond together on and off the ice while mingling with the Flyers Alumni camp instructors.


Two first-time Flyers Alumni instructors/coaches will join in the fun this year: Martin Biron and Bill Clement. They will join returning coaches Mark Howe, Bill Barber, Danny Briere, Keith Jones, Brad Marsh, Bob “the Hound” Kelly, Joe Watson, and Ian Laperriere.


Camp attendees are divided into four teams of 15 players apiece. At the end of camp, the teams will compete in the annual Flyers Fantasy Camp Cup tournament, starting with round-robin games on Aug. 18 and the championship and consolation games on the final day.


“It’s a great time, on the ice and especially off the ice,” said annual attendee and sponsor Steve “Cappy” Capoferri, the CEO of River Rock Academy.


“I’ve made lifelong friendships at Fantasy Camp; people I keep in touch with and look forward to seeing. Every year, I meet new friends.  I’ve also gotten to know a lot of the Flyers Alumni over the years. They are a tremendous group of guys that I’m proud to say have also become my friends.


“In terms of the hockey, I’m not a great player by any means. I only started playing ice hockey about five years before the first Flyers Alumni Camp, although I’ve been a diehard Flyers fan most of my life. Every camp, I learn new things. I’ve picked up little pointers from Mark Howe and Lappy – we’re talking about a Hockey Hall of Famer from the game’s most famous family and a guy who played over 1,000 games in the NHL and has gone on to be an NHL assistant coach – that I’ve put to use. I’ve said to friends of mine, ‘If I told you who taught me that, you wouldn’t believe me.’”


“Our goal every year is to make each camp experience even better than the last one. We’ve gotten great feedback and suggestions from people who’ve attended. It’s been a success. Every Fantasy Camp we’ve done has sold out, and this year’s edition will also sell out well ahead of time. But we’re always working to make the camp the best possible event we can for everyone who comes. We cap off attendance at 60 people to make sure everyone gets individual attention,” Kelly said.


To date, the list of registered attendees spans residents of 12 different U.S. states and five Canadian provinces.


“Not everyone who attends camp is a Flyers fan. Most are, though, and we all love hockey. There’s a lot of good-natured banter that goes on, and that’s all part of the fun. The Alumni guys know how to have a good time and it’s just an awesome atmosphere on and off the ice,” Capoferri said.


Additionally, the Flyers present one free spot annually to a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. 


There is also a good cause underlying the attendees’ good time: Proceeds from the Flyers Alumni Fantasy Camp benefit the Flyers Alumni Association,  with all funds being channeled to the charitable and community organizations we support in the Delaware Valley.


Early registration is highly recommended. All four previous camps have sold out all registration spots. For more information, click here.