Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame was established in 1943 to honor players, builders, coaches, referees, and others who have had a significant impact on the game of hockey.  While it's first official building was completed in 1961, the Hockey Hall of Fame moved to its current home in downtown Toronto in 1993.   Players and referees must have concluded their career for a minimum of three years in order to be inducted, while nominees in the builder category may be active or inactive.  Every year, a maximum of four male and two female players can be inducted.  Builder and Referee/Linesman category candidates are voted on the same ballot with a combined annual limit of two inductees.  Each member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee may not make more than one nomination for each category.  

Name, Bio, Stats, & Pictures Induction Year Category Years with Flyers
Allan Stanley 1981 Player 1968-1969
Bernie Parent 1984 Player 1967-1971, 1973-1979
Bobby Clarke 1987 Player 1969-1990, 1996-present
Ed Snider 1988 Builder 1967-present
Darryl Sittler 1989 Player 1982-1984
Bill Barber 1990 Player 1972-1984, 2000-2002
Bud Poile 1990 Builder 1967-1969
Keith Allen 1992 Builder 1967-2014

Gene Hart

1997 Foster Hewitt Memorial Award 1967-1995
Dale Hawerchuk 2001 Player 1996-1997

Roger Neilson

2001 Builder 1998-2000
Paul Coffey




Mark Howe


Player 1982-1992
Adam Oates


Player 2002
Fred Shero


Builder 1971-1978
Peter Forsberg


Player 2005-2007
Chris Pronger


Player 2009-2012
 Eric Lindros


Player 1992-2000
Pat Quinn


Builder 1979-1983
Mark Recchi


Player 1992-1995, 1999-2004